Join Marlin at IBEX

Visit us at our booth (#3-241) this year to get an inside look at the Marlin experience and get an exclusive first look at our new products.

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Building Better Boats Starts Here.

Marlin’s digital switcher technology has been gaining popularity among boatbuilders.

At this year’s IBEX event, Marlin will be providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Marlin Process, by giving attendees the opportunity to see what Marlin’s process of working with customers looks like from development to testing and launch.

Also, Marlin will be showcasing a variety of new products that will enhance your boats and building experience. These products include:

Legend Series Keypads 

The M-Flex Legend Series Keypads are specifically engineered to handle the demanding conditions of severe duty, outdoor mobile applications. They are built to withstand a wide range of challenges including extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, moisture, and electrical transients.

Key Features of the M-Flex Legend Series Keypads:
  • Completely customizable icons allow for customers to pick the exact icons they want to create a unique product.
  • Each keypad is equipped with Full-Color LED Indicators which allows us to display various colors and patterns.
  • Our keypads are designed with versatility in mind and can be mounted both vertically or horizontally.
  • Our keypads are fully compatible with Marlin Digital Switchers and IO Controllers. 

Learn more about our Legend Series Keypads

MFD Gateway

The M-Flex MFD Gateway serves as a critical link between two different networks, J1939 and NMEA 2000, which enables seamless communication and integration between Marlin’s digital switcher and your boat’s multifunction display.

Key Features of the MFD Gateway:
  • Fully compatible with Garmin and Simrad MFD.
  • Allows for complete control of the boat systems from the MFD or Marlin Keypad including navigation, anchor lights, spreader lights, bilge pumps, PRG lights, flood lights, livewell, and bailwell pumps.
  • Channels configurable for 250/500/1000 Kps to make data transfer easy.
  • Designed with fully encapsulated electronics for complete environmental protection to keep the product safe during severe duty applications.

Learn more about our MFD Gateway

Distributed Controls

Through the use of multiple controllers that communicate with each other Marlin is creating a better boat experience.

Key Benefits of Distributed Controls:
  • The added flexibility that comes from the use of distributed controls allows builders to build the boat their way
  • Controllers are distributed throughout the boat which results in less wiring used throughout the boat and a more elegant and simple design.
  • Less wiring leads to less labor costs which helps you save on the cost of both material and labor.
  • This creates a more reliable experience by having fewer points of failure and providing more stability.

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Stock Wiring Harness

Marlin’s Stock Wiring Harnesses are made with marine-grade wire and Amphenol connectors and are built to withstand the harsh marine environment. Designed to simplify connections with our switcher product by allowing each load to be connected easily and simply. 

Key Features of Stock Wiring Harness:
  • Color-coded connections that match up with the M-Flex Digital switcher and M-Flex Ground blog modules.
  • Operates in extreme temperatures and humidities of -40° to 85°C.

  • They are designed to be three (3) sets of 12-pin harness assemblies that breakdown into (20) outputs of 2-pin and 4-pin connectors. 

Learn more about Marlin’s Stock Wiring Harness Options