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Legend Series

Legend Series Keypad

The M-Flex Legend Series CAN keypads use RGB LED’s to create any color outline and backlit buttons, and the keycaps are relegendable with your custom graphics. The 6 button, 8 button and 12 button keypads are available with optional Bluetooth connectivity, allowing keypad emulation via a mobile application. Each key can be individually configured for on/off, momentary, toggle, scroll and many other functions. The Legend Series keypads make a great pairing with Marlin’s Digital Switcher and other IO controllers.


Classic Series

Classic Series Keypad

The M-Flex Classic Series CAN keypads have three LED’s per button plus a customizable elastomeric overlay. Available in 6 button, 8 button and 12 button layouts, the standard configuration includes amber-color LED’s. You can choose other color LED’s to get the right look for your keypad including RGB LED’s. Like virtually all Marlin products, these keypads are IP67 rated for harsh environments. The Classic Series keypads are available with auto-detection of CAN bus speeds including 250, 500 and 1000 Kbps.


M-Flex CAN Keypad Features (Both Series)

  • Designed for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications.
  • Wide operating voltage and temperature ranges (12V and 24V applications).
  • UV resistant matte black silicone rubber.
  • Deutsch DT style connector.
  • Icons customized for your application.
  • Tactile Feel Buttons provide user with actuation feedback.
  • Classic Series:
    • Three amber LED indicator lights per button (alternate colors or RGB LED’s available).
  • Legend Series:
    • RGB LED’s illuminate the icon and the surrounding circle highlight
    • Bluetooth connectivity available
  • Long Life – over 1 million cycles per switch.
  • 250/500/1000 Kbps auto baud detect.
  • IP67 and IP69K rated (with appropriate connector boots).
  • RoHS compliant.
  • J1939 CAN protocol.
  • Low power sleep mode – for applications requiring direct-to-battery connection. Wake on press of push button, CAN message or cycling power.



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