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The M-Flex™ Digital Switcher Kit is Marlin Technologies’ off-the-shelf integrated electronic control system designed to withstand the harsh temperatures, shock and vibration, moisture, and electrical transients of the marine environment. OEM boat builders choose the M-Flex™ Digital Switcher Kit to save time, money and hassle while optimizing the dependability of their watercrafts’ electric service — which enhances the reputation of their brands.

The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit:

  1. Replaces the fuse panel with solid-state modules that allow boat owners to control multiple pieces of electronic equipment with a single legend keypad. A massive benefit is greatly reduced points of potential failure.
  2. Is customized to accommodate OEMs’ various boat models and gives boat owners more control over a watercraft’s onboard equipment than traditional fuse box electrical systems that require panels, fuses, and lengthy wire runs.
  3. Shortens and simplifies wire runs, reducing the chances of voltage drops while also saving OEM boat builders time and money. With digital switching, multiple circuits can be controlled from a single keypad, or a single circuit controlled from multiple locations.
  4. Utilizes M-Flex electronic controls that are quick-to-market standard components that allow rapid flexibility in terms of software and hardware customization.



  • M-Flex Digital Switcher – Main electronic control with direct connection to loads, which reduces wiring. Configurable inputs and outputs make it easy for customization to each application.
  • M-Flex Legend Series Keypads – Family of keypads which have optional Bluetooth capabilities, RGB backlighting on switches, and customizable backlight keycaps. Electronics can be controlled from multiple keypads in different boat locations.
  • M-Flex MFD Gateway – Connects the digital switcher to the boat’s multifunctional display, allowing complete control of the boat’s modules through the display.
  • M-Flex CAN Controller – Remote IO that works with the Digital Switcher to distribute the control on a system, reduce the wiring and increase efficiency.
  • M-Flex Power & Ground Block – Watertight terminal that splits the electrical power source for effective output distribution and protection in each system branch.
  • M-Flex Wire Harness Assemblies – Neatly tied and labeled harness bundles that reduce the assembly time of the boat.


Makes choosing the M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit easy with the personal support provided by Marlin during the installation and programming process.

Marlin Field Engineers will work side-by-side with your team for three days to integrate our technology into a prototype boat. While optimizing the products to your specific build, your team will be trained in how to get the most out of the Marlin Switcher System including the wiring and system programming.

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