Infuse Complete Electronic Control In Your Watercraft Brand

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OEM boat builders choose our plug & play integrated M-Flex™ Digital Switcher Kit to save time, money and hassle while optimizing the dependability of their watercrafts’ electric service — which enhances the reputation of their brands.

  1. The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit is Marlin Technologies’ off-the-shelf integrated electronic control system designed for severe duty marine applications.
  2. M-Flex electronic controls are quick-to-market standard components that allow rapid flexibility in terms of software and hardware customization.
  3. The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit is adaptable to be customized to accommodate OEMs’ various boat models.
  4. M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit components are built to withstand the harsh temperatures, shock and vibration, moisture and electrical transients that are common to the marine environment.


  1. The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit replaces the fuse box with solid-state modules that allow boat owners to control multiple pieces of electronic equipment with a single CR keypad.
  2. The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit gives boat owners more control over a watercraft’s onboard equipment than traditional fuse box electrical systems that require panels, fuses and lengthy wire runs.
  3. The M-Flex Digital Switcher Kit shortens and simplifies wire runs, reducing the chances of voltage drops while also saving OEM boat builders time and money. With digital switching, multiple circuits can be controlled from a single CR keypad, or a single circuit controlled from multiple locations.


designs, engineers and delivers a complete system of electronic control solutions for severe duty marine applications.

Collaborative Solutioning / Marlin engineers will work with your engineers to ensure the optimal solution — whether a complete system of Marlin devices, or integration with other brands of HMI and NMEA/2K network components

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