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When soldier lives are at stake, we make sure that they can depend on Marlin. We design and manufacture military electronic control units used by the armed forces on personnel carriers, military trucks and trailers. These components are built to meet applicable Mil specifications. Defense applications are a great example of Marlin’s application approval service. We test our products relentlessly in their final application to ensure we maintain this level of quality and safety. We know customers lives depend on our products working the first time, every time.

Every product Marlin makes is specially made for severe duty in extreme environments such as deserts and jungles. They’re built to withstand moisture, vibration, extreme temperatures, transient electrical noise and corrosion–fully potted to protect their circuitry from dirt, dust, sand and other contaminants.

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We design and manufacture military electronic components and controls for ground support mobile equipment used by the armed forces.

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