OEM Application Support


At Marlin we like to think that we put the “custom” in customer. We do whatever it takes to satisfy our OEM customer with application success and also their customer with end product performance.

We work as an extension of our customer’s design team. It’s a true partnership, with constant give and take and sharing of ideas. Our goal is to provide our customers with electronic controls that meet all their needs without sacrificing functionality or performance as found with other suppliers’ products.

Marlin takes a “hands-on” approach to customer service. We provide technical support during production development and throughout the product life cycle. And if troubleshooting is required, we’re fully armed to take aim at any problem.

We’ve been building our industry-leading knowledge for over 70 years and our application success and breadth of product offering is unmatched. We are driven to be the fastest custom controls developer, and the finest.

Marlin Technologies, located in Horicon, WI, has been leading the IP67 electronic control market for over 70 years. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, we offer solutions to your severe duty environments in mobile electronic display control applications. Some products offered are:

  • Motor controllers
  • Pushbutton keypads
  • Timers and relays
  • I/O controllers
  • Power distribution units
  • Power converters and inverters
  • Displays

At Marlin Technologies, our products are fully potted. This means that they are protected from dirt, dust, moisture, vibration, extreme temperatures, corrosion, transient electrical noise and UV radiation = IP 67. Original equipment manufacturers rely on Marlin Technologies to provide superior Controller Area Network (CAN) controllers for full protection against these types of harsh environments. Our products are used in the OEM turf care, agriculture, construction, defense, railroad, and transportation markets where potted mobile electronic displays are crucial.

Marlin Technologies’ industry knowledge of OEM customized electronic controls has led to our success. From prototype to production, our customers reap the benefits of our highly skilled engineering department and expert technical support teams. At Marlin Technologies, we are highly dedicated to your OEM product performance by providing superior customer support to you and your customer.

Introducing M-FLEX

Off-The-Shelf Electronic Controls

M-Flex is Marlin Technologies’ new family of off-the-shelf electronic controls designed for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications. These standard control components are a quick-to-market option, as they provide flexibility in terms of software and hardware customization.

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