Product Development

New Product Development for Electronic Control Solutions

The express purpose of the Marlin new product development process is to design and deliver functional prototypes and production parts – geared toward rapid, on-time delivery of custom electronic controls.

  1. During the quoting process for a new controller, Marlin will provide a Product Requirements Document (PRD) that defines all of the physical and functional specifications for the new controller. The goal of the PRD is to have clearly defined specifications upfront so that the design work can rapidly proceed once started.
  2. Marlin will also provide a Gantt chart, detailing the tasks involved in the project and a realistic timeframe in which Marlin can confidently deliver the functional parts. During the design process, we will provide you updated Gantt charts showing the progress of the project.
  3. Key dates are identified for the customer to “freeze” the hardware requirements and software functionality for the new controller. These freeze dates let you know when the specifications must be complete to ensure on-time delivery.
  4. Throughout the project, customer-requested specification changes will be accurately tracked and the impact is communicated upfront so that you clearly understand the effect of the change.

Marlin invests in resources, project management tools and overall process changes to ensure we meet customer expectations. Our commitment is to shorten project lead time and reduce overall cost so that you can confidently know that Marlin is the best choice for your electronic control solutions.

Introducing M-FLEX

Off-The-Shelf Electronic Controls

M-Flex is Marlin Technologies’ new family of off-the-shelf electronic controls designed for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications. These standard control components are a quick-to-market option, as they provide flexibility in terms of software and hardware customization.

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