Input/Output Controllers

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Whereas most suppliers offer only off-the-shelf products that leave you to settle for excess custom I/O capacity or limited functionality, our I/O microprocessor CAN controllers are customizable to your unique specifications. 

The Marlin team will work with you to create an ideal digital I/O Controller solution based on your application and functionality requirements. We offer packaged, perfect turnkey solutions at economical prices. 

With our experience and expertise in this area, we specialize in meeting key customer requirements such as:

  • Packaging
  • I/O Types & Quantity
  • Power Needs
  • Functionality & Diagnostics
  • Environmental Specifications

Available Features

  • Any number of inputs/outputs, whether it’s one or 100, and in any combination
  • Signal input types: 0-5V, 0-10V, 4-20 mA, STB, STG, resistive, PWM, frequency
  • Output current levels: low mA levels to 3 amp, 6 amp, 15 amp, 30 amp or more
  • Power supply voltage: 12V, 24V, 48V, 72V, and others
  • CAN Bus communication; multiple protocols
  • Diagnostics for short circuit protection and open load detection
  • Optional diagnostic LEDs on all inputs, outputs & power supplies
  • Customer-specified connectors, wire lengths & wire harness styles
  • Controller enclosure shape, size and material
  • Private labeling
  • Multiple, customer-defined, user-selectable programs to control different applications with the same controller
  • Can be designed to meet your specific environmental standards
  • Software programmable by customer or Marlin

Typical Features

  • Rated for severe environments: IP67 moisture protection, extreme temperatures, shock & vibration
  • Designed to handle typical vehicle electrical transients, including load dump
  • Short circuit and reverse polarity protected
  • Inputs: digital, analog, PWM, frequency, resistive
  • Outputs: digital, analog, PWM

Timers & Delays

We also offer custom design and manufacturing of relay and timer modules to meet your mobile equipment requirements. With years of hands-on experience, along with our first-class manufacturing capabilities, Marlin Technologies produces relays and timer modules delivering performance, functionality and reliability that our competitors’ products can’t match.

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OEMs rely on Marlin for products that can be engineered and customized for any unique application. This allows them to design equipment and machinery with a high degree of innovation and creativity. Our Development Team consists of hardware and software engineers who collaborate with customers to define, design, prototype, test and manufacture products to their specifications and required certifications.

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