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Marlin Technologies Celebrates 25 Years

Written on May 24th, 2024

This May, Marlin Technologies celebrates 25 years under the ownership of the Lechtenberg Family. When the Lechtenberg’s purchased Marlin, the founding team had over 60 years of manufacturing experience in multiple businesses. The team had the self-confidence to believe they could foster an environment where committed employees were listened to, and appropriate risk/reward decisions were made to grow a successful business. From day one, an emphasis was made on satisfying the customer. The team immediately focused on expanding the customer base, knowing their talents could demonstrate benefits for both Marlin and its customers.

Marlin’s roots stretch back to the 1940’s. Marlin Technologies was founded as the Marlin Electric division of Lion Manufacturing in 1946. Lion would go on to become Bally Inc., which you may recognize from their pinball and gambling fame. The Marlin Toy division was founded in 1953. Marlin opened the doors to its first Horicon, WI location in 1962. Marlin Technologies, a new WI Corporation, purchased Marlin Toy Products, doing business as Marlin Electric in 1999. Since that time the expansion into Marlin branded products as well as entry into the Marine marketplace has proven to be a huge success which continues to develop. Andy Lechtenberg, owner of Marlin Technologies stated,

“It is extremely rewarding to see how creative and resilient the Marlin family is in addressing the many challenges we have faced and knowing there is the same confidence to resolve the various issues that challenge us.” 

The continual growth of Marlin Technologies has brought about necessary change. In 2008, Marlin relocated to a custom-built facility in Horicon, WI. The Marlin Technologies Innovation Center in Menomonee Falls, WI opened in 2021; and is tailored especially for Marlin’s talented engineering staff. In 2022, Marlin transitioned to a new generation with the promotion of John Lechtenberg to President as well as other key management roles put in place to guide future growth and success. Tony Firari, a sales engineer with Marlin said

“For Marlin to not only maintain but also sustain for 25 years is incredible to me. Not many things last 25 years. We live in a world where people want change and Marlin Technologies has been able to adapt and evolve through those changes.”

Marlin operates in an area of expertise that most machine manufacturers are not capable of designing and building themselves. Our customers depend on companies like Marlin to bring them ideas and cost-effective solutions.

Marlin Technologies is beyond thrilled to celebrate 25 years with the Lechtenberg’s. Jim Standridge, a field service engineer with Marlin for 31 years, stated

“A quarter-century of quality, built by family, driven by passion. Cheers to 25 years of excellence and many more to come!”

As we look to the future, Marlin will continue to support growth in skills, manufacturing equipment and expertise, as well as creating additional jobs. Marlin employes over sixty people in manufacturing in North America! The outlook is strong for continued growth here at Marlin Technologies, and we are proud to carry the Marlin story forward.