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Discovering Marlin Technologies at IBEX2023

Written on August 10th, 2023

This year, Marlin Technologies will be hosting a booth at IBEX2023. We are excited about the opportunity to talk with industry leaders about the different solutions we can offer. Marlin Technologies will also be showing off some of our new products, launched this year, and are excited to give our customers a hands-on experience. Stop by to talk with us or schedule a meeting! We will be located with the other exhibits on the third floor, booth 3-241 

Marlin New Product Introductions 

In the evolving world of boat electronics, more boat builders are turning to Marlin Technologies’ digital switcher technology to improve their vessels. As the demand for enhanced performance and reliability becomes more popular, Marlin has responded with new products that can help.  

  • Legend Series Keypads 

 Marlin’s Legend Series Keypads are now available in 6, 8, and 12 button configurations, with Bluetooth connectivity as an option. These keypads provide a significant upgrade over traditional toggle switches. Equipped with RGB LED lighting, each button offers thousands of color options, allowing boat builders to customize the keypad to suit their specific operational states and preferences. Boat models can be differentiated with the easy-to-change icons, ensuring an intuitive user experience. 

  • MFD Gateway  

The MFD Gateway is a smart interface that facilitates communication between Marlin’s digital switcher and leading Multi-Function Displays (MFDs) from Garmin and Simrad. This allows the electrical loads on a boat to be controlled by Marlin’s keypads or directly from the MFD.  

  • Distributed Control  

Marlin’s distributed controls provide added flexibility for users wanting to control a boat in the most efficient manner. The controllers offered work together resulting in less wiring,  less labor, and create a reliable experience by having fewer points of failure.  

  • Stock Wiring Harnesses  

Designed to work seamlessly with the digital switcher product, these harnesses make connecting each load easy and efficient. Additionally, the IP67 sealed environment ensures the utmost protection against corrosion and moisture ingress, enhancing the longevity of onboard electronics. 

Marlin Technologies offers boat builders a comprehensive prototype boat build experience to showcase the full potential of their digital switcher technology. When partnering with Marlin, the boat builder’s team collaborates closely with the Marlin experts to create a tailored solution for their vessel. 

If you find yourself at IBEX 2023 this year in Tampa, make sure to stop out and visit our booth, 3-241, and learn more about all the solutions we can offer. We’d be happy to connect and help reduce headaches in your boat building process.  

What is IBEX 2023? 

IBEX 2023 is the International Boatbuilders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX). IBEX is an annual trade show and conference that focuses on the marine industry, specifically around boatbuilding, design, and technology. It serves as a platform for boatbuilders, manufacturers, suppliers, designers, and industry professionals to showcase their latest products, innovations, and technologies related to boatbuilding and marine equipment. 

During the IBEX tradeshow, attendees can explore exhibits from various companies, attend educational sessions, and workshops. IBEX also provides a great opportunity to network with industry peers. The event typically attracts professionals from different fields of the marine industry, such as yacht builders, boat manufacturers, marine equipment suppliers, and marine designers, among others.