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Written on December 16th, 2021

European Union Conformity Requirements

Marlin Technologies M-Flex® CAN keypads and M-Flex CAN 4-in / 4-out controllers have met European Union conformity requirements. This CE designation, which stands for Conformité Européenne, signifies that Marlin has proven compliance with EU health, safety and environmental protection legislation and confirms compliance with all relevant requirements. The CE Mark is required for products manufactured anywhere in the world that are then marketed in the EU. These standard control components, a quick-to-market option, with flexibility in terms of software and hardware customization, will now be available across all EU countries.

About Marlin Technologies

A leading designer and manufacturer of electronic control solutions for severe-duty mobile applications, Marlin Technologies provides custom and off-the-shelf M-Flex components and integrated systems which include CAN Bridges, Controllers, Power Distribution Units, Digital Switchers, Motor Controllers, Converters / Inverters, Displays, and CAN Keypads. Marlin’s electronic controls help differentiate OEMs’ brands, make life easier for their design and production staff, and create a better experience for their end-user customers.

With a distinct focus on customers, Marlin’s electronic controls help differentiate OEM’s brands and create a better experience for their end-users. “We study the problem first and then create a unique solution,” explained Jay McDermott, Marlin’s Business Development Manager. “We take a close look at what the customer is trying to do and the problems they’re having. Then we test, observe and test some more until we’ve solved the problem. We find that customer specs are typically more stringent than industry specs, ”said McDermott.


The M-Flex line includes off-the-shelf products for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications. The line will include products for construction, agricultural, turf care and marine markets. Future plans include M-Flex products in CAN controllers, keypads and displays.


“The CE Mark is a requirement for all electrical products that are sold and distributed in the EU. And we’re excited to announce the M-Flex CAN Keypad Family and M-Flex 4I4O Controller now carry it. Marlin Technologies plans to develop new M-Flex products to support our OEMs and Partners here in the USA and overseas,” added McDermott.