The M-Flex CAN Bridge is a two-channel CANbus bridge for interconnecting two CANbus networks. Each channel has two pins for CANH and two pins for CANL. This allows the bridge module to act as a node on each network while also serving as a bridge between networks.

Alternatively, if the bridge is at the end of a network, the extra set of pins can be populated with a terminating resistor. A key feature of the M-Flex CAN Bridge is the ability to filter messages passed between the two networks. The bridge has 20 filters available for each channel that can be configured to pass or block messages based upon the entire CAN ID, J1939 PGN or J1939 Source Address. This provides a simple, efficient means of bus load management.

The baud rates and filters are configured using Marlin’s M-Flex CAN Bridge User Interface software that is available for download. Optionally, Marlin can program your default configuration into modules prior to shipment.

The M-Flex CAN Bridge was designed specifically for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications. Typical applications include the construction, turf care, agriculture, utility, marine, military, and outdoor power equipment markets.

  • Two CANbus channels for bridging between two networks.
  • Operate as a bridge and node simultaneously.
  • Each channel configurable for 250Kbits/s or 500 Kbits/s.
  • Each channel has 20 filters to pass or block messages based on the entire CAN ID, J1939 PGN or J1939 Source Address.
  • SAE J1939 compliant, Standard and Extend Identifier.
  • Configurable using M-Flex CAN Bridge User Interface software.
  • Two diagnostic LED’s for CAN bus communication status.
  • Beacon indicator for identifying Bridge module when multiple bridges used on a network.
  • Designed for severe duty, outdoor mobile applications.
  • Wide Operating Temperature from -40C to 85C.
  • Deutsch DT style connector.
  • Space Saving & Easy Installation.
  • IP67 submersion and IP69K pressure wash rated (>15° nozzle and with appropriate boot).
  • RoHS and CE compliant

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