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Introducing the Marlin Technologies Legend Series Keypads

Written on October 5th, 2023

The latest CAN bus keypads from Marlin Technologies, our Legend Series Keypads, are a testament to our commitment to excellence and cutting-edge solutions. To get a better understanding of the product, we’ll explore the features of the Legend Series Keypads and discuss the different types available. 

Legend Series Keypads

Legend Series Keypad Features 

These Legend Series Keypads are designed to elevate your control experience. Here are some of the standout features: 

  • Illuminated by RGB LEDs 

One of the standout features of the Legend Series Keypads is their illumination. These keypads are equipped with RGB LEDs that allow you to choose virtually any color to match your machine’s design. Whether you want to make a bold statement or create a subtle ambiance, these keypads have you covered.  

Plus, the illumination is designed for excellent outdoor visibility and can be dimmed for night use, ensuring that you can always find the controls you need. 

  • Interchangeable Icons 

OEM’s appreciate the flexibility offered by the Legend Series Keypads. You can choose interchangeable icons for each button, making it easy to identify which electrical load is controlled with each press. This customization ensures that your controls are intuitive and tailored to your specific needs. This also allows you to source the same keypad from Marlin using different icons for different models depending on features / icons needed. 

  • Weatherproof Design 

Marlin’s customers operate in tough environments, and the Legend Series Keypads are up to the challenge. These keypads are sealed to an IP67 rating, which minimizes moisture and dirt ingress. This design guarantees a long lifespan even in harsh conditions. 

  • Digital System Integration 

The Legend Series Keypads are CAN bus components, ensuring they operate with Marlin I/O controllers or any CAN bus system. In applications where they are replacing traditional toggle or rocker switches and fuse panels, they are part of a complete digital system that eliminates potential points of failure due to poor connections or corrosion. This approach simplifies electrical setup, minimizes wiring, and enhances system performance. 

  • Bluetooth Connectivity 

In today’s digital age, connectivity is key. The Legend Series Keypads feature Bluetooth technology, allowing you to connect and control the system using a mobile device.  

Marlin’s dedicated app syncs your phone and the M-flex Legend series keypad in the CAN bus system. In the right application, this gives you ultimate control and convenience. 

  • Over-Current Detection 

One of the standout highlights within the M-Flex product line is our proprietary programming tool. This allows you to set the function of each button on the Legends Series keypad, ranging from momentary, on/off, multi-state and many other functions. You can define the color of each state within the system. When the keypads are used with our Digital Switcher system, you define over-current and under-current situations, colors of the button backlights, and you can digitally reset those states.  

Types of Legend Series Keypads 

Legend Series keypads are available in six, eight and twelve button versions, allowing you to choose the keypad that fits your application best.  

The Marlin Technologies Legend Series Keypads are a great addition to the M-Flex product line. With their impressive features and various configurations, there’s a custom solution for every OEM, and they can work in collaboration with Marlin’s Classic Series keypads. Want to get started today? Contact us to learn more!