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Marlin Technologies Opens Engineering and Sales Operations in The Netherlands

Written on January 19th, 2022

Provides robust electronic control solutions for OEMs’ severe-duty mobile applications.

Marlin Technologies, a leading designer and manufacturer of electronic control solutions for 12V and 24V severe-duty mobile applications, is proud to announce the opening of its newest engineering and sales operation, located in Naarden, The Netherlands, to serve OEMs throughout the Europe.

Marlin Technologies provides custom and off-the-shelf M-Flex® components and integrated systems, including:

CAN Bridges Controllers Power Distribution Units

Digital Switchers Motor Controllers Converters / Inverters

Displays CAN Keypads Digital Switcher Kit

Marlin Technologies in The Netherlands is operated by Chris Leyds, who has earned a worldwide reputation as a driver, team manager and constructor of off-road endurance racing vehicles. Leyds has competed 12 times in the Dakar Rally, the world’s longest and toughest motorsport event that covers 7,000 kilometers through the deserts of Africa and South America.

“My experience using Marlin Technologies electronic control components in off-road racing machines has proven their reliability to me one-hundred percent,” said Chris Leyds, Chief Operating Officer of Marlin Technologies Europe. “Our rally cars take a pounding in mud and dust and water, through the heat and cold of the Dakar Rally. Marlin components are simple and robust so they don’t fail.”

The in-house team at Marlin Technologies Europe has extensive engineering skills, including the capabilities of CAD design and FEM analysis, data logging and analysis, EMC design and testing, CAN-bus integration, and 2D and 3D wiring harness design and build.

Leyds foresees significant opportunity for Marlin Technologies Europe to serve OEMs as the go-to problem solver for electronic control solutions among its target market industries: marine, off-road, defense, construction, railroad and transportation, agriculture and turf care.

“We recognize that many manufacturers of severe-duty equipment are disadvantaged by outdated electrical systems that fail and cause warranty claims, and that also drive up labor costs in production by their complexity,“ Leyds said.

The team at Marlin Technologies brings an understanding of severe-duty applications, along with engineering expertise and digital electronic control solutions to modernize the electrical systems of OEM products, making them highly reliable and also more efficient to produce.

“Marlin Technologies protects OEM brand reputations from being hurt by electrical system warranty

issues,” Leyds said. “And we help OEMs build more units quicker by reducing the labor time and the copper installed,” Leyds added.

Because no two OEMs have the same electrical system needs, every electrical control solution that Marlin Technologies devises is custom to solve each OEM’s specific needs.

“We aim to make electrical systems simple, not complex. Our solutions are robust and durable. They precisely fit the requirements and do exactly what is needed,” Leyds explained. “It’s just solving issues with skillful engineering and modern technology.”

Some of the features and benefits of Marlin Technologies components include:

  • Marlin products are IP67, and we use Deutsch and Amphenol connectors, so our products are sealed, which prevents water from getting to any component and causing corrosion.
  • The fully integrated plug & play aspect of our Digital Switcher Kit enables the OEM to save production operations time, expense and hassle, while optimizing the dependability of their product’s electric service.
  • Marlin warranties its products in the OEM application for two years against defect or failure.
  • The OEM’s end-user can easily control numerous electrical applications using a Marlin CAN Keypad that features graphic icons that readily identify the function it controls.

Marlin Technologies electronic controls help differentiate OEMs’ brands, make life easier for their design and production staff, and create a better experience for their end-user customers.

OEMs interested in Marlin Technologies can contact:

Phone: +31 (0)85 303 9313